Monday, October 30, 2006

Pink's "Meaning"

I would like to identify some significant points in the concluding chapter in Daniel H. Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind. This book is filled with deep (for lack of a better word) meaning that can apply to most peoples’ lives--specifically the happiness s/he has with his/her life. The seventh and most important word in the previous sentence is meaning. This is also the title of the last chapter of Pink’s book. In this chapter, Pink tries to explain how “meaning has become a central aspect in our work and our lives” (219).

The “work” that we have chosen is that of education. So, is finding meaning the key to our success as educators? Is it solely the teacher that needs to find meaning in his/her life, or is this something for the students also? Pink would argue that everyone, at any age, will be happier, in life and work, if they attempt to find meaning. Let's examine...

Pink explains that it is possible to find meaning these days when he proclaims that “[…] technology continues its unrelenting march, deluging us with data and choking us with choices. All these forces have gathered into a perfect storm of circumstances that is making the search for meaning more possible […]” (218).

Is technology helping us find meaning?

Not only does Pink allow his reader the understanding that meaning is key to happiness and that meaning is not impossible to obtain, but he also helps describe ways in which a person could, in fact, find meaning.

First, Daniel Pink talks about spirituality. He talks of the difference between spirituality and religion; this is a fine line and hard to differentiate. But, he lends some clarification in saying: “—not religion necessarily, but the more broadly defined concern for the meaning and purpose of life […]” (221). So...

He talks about how spirituality has helped biology and business. As education, specifically teaching English, is concerned, I feel that idea of spirituality would be handled similar to as it were in the business section. For example: Pink says that “Mitroff and Denton discovered, the employees were hungering to bring their spiritual values (and thus their whole person rather than one compartment of themselves) to work, but didn’t feel comfortable doing so” (224). Do students feel the need to bring spirituality to class? If they do—I’m sure that they don’t for the same reasons. How about the teachers themselves?

What can we do to help this? Should we help this?

The most interesting part of this section is the idea that business would be more successful if spirituality played a larger role in a company. Could this hold true to teaching as well? Are we treading thin ice here?

[Side Note: It is very hard for me to write on this subject as I have never been in, or experienced a classroom (from the teaching perspective). I do, however, understand what Pink is saying and can see the benefits of what he is preaching without ever going near a classroom.]

The last section of this chapter is called “Taking Happiness Seriously.” Finding ways for us, as educators, to implement happiness upon our students is key to what they will get out of the class, or so says Pink. I don’t know exactly how a labyrinth (which Pink talks about a lot in this section) would help a classroom—but, I do see the benefits for each individual. This idea goes back to earlier chapters and “Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future” (cover).

Maybe we could teach some of these ideas to help students outside of the classroom? This would ultimately help them inside of the classroom, right?

Some of the exercises that Pink mentions in this chapter are very interesting. A Sabbath day (or even moment as he mentions) could be beneficial to everyone. I don’t know if I’m completely convinced on the Labyrinth idea, yet. The idea of dedicating your work is brilliant; there doesn’t seem to be a better way to give purpose to your work. I think as educators we would all need to check our time. Go over the steps that Pink mentions in “Check Your Time” (243), and make sure that you are delegating yourself appropriately.

Overall I think that Pink is teaching us, as individuals, ways to be happier by reaching more meaningful lives. As English teachers in a 3.0 world, it seems to be imperative that we (the teachers) find a way to teach what Pink is preaching at different levels. Could meaning be the way to capture the students’ attention? Maybe…

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Downtown Project: Post 2

This is the second post that I have written for the Downtown Project, thus far. I won’t be posting any others, though, because the website should be up for you all to look at soon! Thanks, Jed!

So, here’s the post:

Hi, All,

This is Ray Hedrick signing in again. Well, I’m back at The Blue Frog coffee shop. I decided that I would take a different seat today. I made this decision mostly because there is someone else sitting where I was last week, but, in all honesty, I was going to switch-it-up anyway. It’s approximately 2:10 PM, and in two hours I have another class (although this post might not be published until a later date as we are having some ‘technical difficulties’ with the website).

Anyway, when I first signed up to be a part of this blog, I figured that I would write a lot about the changes that I felt would be most beneficial to downtown Cortland. Before I had really pondered over what changes would need to be made, I thought that some of the recommendations that I would have made would have been such things as:

…redeveloping the Clocktower Building
…bringing in new, beautiful, businesses
…building a stage to have live concerts (integrating the college and the community)

While I do feel that these are important steps that will, at some point, probably be made… I also feel that perhaps the aesthetical improvement of downtown Cortland isn’t as significant as I initially though. Let’s explore…

As I look outside I can view all of the old, superannuated buildings. I used to believe that if they were more modern looking, then more people would be attracted to them—allowing more visits. Why? I don’t really know, to be honest. But, as I get to thinking about it, I actually don’t imagine that a change in appearance is what this town needs. No. It’s really pathetic that the only place that I can go to get wireless internet in this town is The Blue Frog. Maybe the modernization of the business on Main St. is the change in design that they need. Not a literal change in appearance, but a change in operations and logistics. Sure, The Downtown Deli has wired internet connections, but don’t you think that America should have moved passed this? I sure as hell do.

This point brings me to a heated debate. One that we are actually discussing in the class I will be attending in two hours. The class is called Computers and the Study of English. It’s a great class. The main focus of this course group is to help future educators realize that we are now in a ‘flat’ world. The term ‘flat world’ was introduced by Thomas L. Friedman in his book The World Is Flat.
In this book Friedman explains, in various different methods, how America is falling behind in the great technological race, and how we, as a society, are amidst a great movement away from the traditional and into the technological.

I, myself, have become very passionate about this argument. It is with no doubt in my mind that Americans must become more intone with technology as we are in risk of being surpassed. Did you know that there is a program that is allocating $100.00 laptops so that all children in Lebanon will have their own personal PC by the age of 9? Check it out: here. Every child in this third world country will have a computer, and I can only get wireless internet in one café on Main St!? This worries me. But, it also leaves great potential. Here’s my question for the week:

What if downtown Cortland was able to improve dramatically through an increase of usable technological features?

Wouldn’t this be beneficial to the town? I guess I don’t expect all people to have computers, or to be able to rent jet-packs to fly up the hill, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the internet become more available in a wider variety of places…

Small situations like this can improve the quality of our city, tremendously. Now I don’t want to pretend that I know how feasible this is, but I don’t think it would be too far-fetched? Is it? It’s almost coming to the point that we almost HAVE to make it work…

The Main Street 4 Point Approach to Downtown Revitalization:

Economic Restructuring

I do agree that these are of the utmost importance for the restoration of our beloved downtown area, but I also think that we would be able to add technological advances to each of the four approaches.

Let me warn you, the reader, that I am not 100% sure as to what the details of each of these specific approaches entail (as I did not design them), but I will do this as pertaining to the information I would expect each to involve.

I would expect the design aspect to deal with the aesthetical nature of downtown Cortland. So, how about doing something simple such as planting routers into each building; how about televisions mounted in lobbies; voice communication devices, automatic lights, and automatic doors could be implemented as well. Like I said previously, I don’t know how feasible and likely it is that this could happen, but I sure as hell think that we (Americans) are in danger of falling behind. There are thousands of things we could do! And, Cortland could be a good place to “set an example.” Long term planning is a set feature of the design aspect—and, if we are to be realistic, we shall realize that technology is coming—even though, in reality, it is here already!

I can cover the promotion aspect in two words: the internet. But, I know and I’m sure someone will call me out on the fact that very few people in this community have full access to the internet. One thing that we could do immediately is omit the ridiculous fee to use the internet at the city library. Besides the people in the community—I’m sure the internet will help “us” reach new customers, investors, businesses, and visitors.

The economic restructuring of downtown Cortland can definitely be improved through technology as well. If we are to find “ways to expand to meet new opportunities and challenges from outlying development” (Cortland Downtown Partnership Pamphlet) we MUST use technology. This is the best and maybe the only way that we will be able to improve above and beyond the competition.

As for the organizational aspect… well what better way to organize and support ourselves then technology?

I guess this is really all I have to say today, but I’m sure—as I realize how important technology is becoming—that this will be a reiterating theme throughout my blog. If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear them. I can be reached at Until next time, folks… Cheers.

Downtown Project: Post 1

Here are the first or two posts that I will publish on the Downtown Cortland website as soon as it’s up and running (read Katie’s blog to hear the good news):

[Note: keep in mind that this is the first post that I have used as more of an introduction into what I will be doing.]

Hi, All,

It’s one thing for people to read what I write, but in order for anyone to take what I’m writing seriously, I’ll have to introduce some credibility. OK, so, how to do this…

Let me start by telling a little about myself…

My name is Ray Hedrick; that’s what I typically prefer to be called. But, my full name is: Raymond Michael Hedrick. I graduated from SUNY Cortland in 2006, with a degree in English/Prof. Writing, and I am currently continuing my education at Cortland as a graduate student. I grew up in a very small (yes, smaller than Cortland) town called Modena, which is also in NY. My town is five minutes from New Paltz, ten minutes from Newburgh, and fifteen minutes from Poughkeepsie (yes, they are all bigger than Cortland). Why is this noteworthy? Let me explain. The aforementioned areas are all that I actually knew about life while I was growing up. The cities of Poughkeepsie and Newburgh are a second home to me, and happen to be very prosperous places. New Paltz, which is also another SUNY College town, happens to be an especially popular area for everyone to visit—it was also the place where I, personally, spent most of my time growing up. So, when I moved up to Cortland, to attend the college, in 2002, you could imagine how I would have been a little culture shocked. It’s a whole different world in Cortland, NY. Not that it’s a bad place, but I just feel as if it is a little ‘different’—and, when I say ‘different’, I mean there is not as much going on. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it in this town, and there are some things that I wish I could say were from my hometown. But, now that it is almost the year 2007, and I have been a member of the Cortland community for about 5 years now, I must admit that I want to help. I’m not trying to disgrace our (I hope that I can say it is ‘ours’ as in I’m a part of it now) city; I’m just attempting to be honest in order to allow Cortland to rise to its full potential. I think the best way to improve our city would be to start with the downtown area. This is why I am here. As soon as I heard about the Downtown Cortland Project, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I’m writing this blog to lend my ideas and suggestions—as well as identify some problems—in order to make this place, which has been so excellent to me, a better one. In a couple years I can see Cortland being the place to be!

Another small detail that I feel is necessary for me to mention is that I was among the ‘displaced’ students who lived in The Clocktower apartment building. I loved everything about The Clocktower building. I loved the design. I loved the location. I loved the landlord. I loved the bricks (until they fell). I loved everything. All of my roommates and I were so proud to have been in, what we habitually called, “the most important building in Cortland.” So, when it fell, you could imagine how devastated we were. Not just because we lost everything (I mean everything), but because after that we were forced to live in other areas. The community was so great to me during this time. The Red Cross, all of the business, and all of the people of Cortland were such an integral part of helping me cope with such a disaster. I can not say “thank you” enough. So, writing this blog is the very least I can do to attempt to give back to a community that so graciously helped me.

Right now, I’m sitting in the Blue Frog coffee shop. It’s a very quaint little café, and I enjoy being here. This coffee shop is, perhaps, one of the most popular settings in the downtown Cortland area. It’s a great area for all members, students and civilians alike, to have a cup of coffee and use the internet. There are also various Open Mic Nights at this café, which I have attended and enjoyed. I highly recommend this establishment to everyone. But, while I’m sitting at this comfortable table, I must admit that I am a little worried. I’m worried about this question: why aren’t there more people taking advantage of this place? Granted today is a miserable, dank, rainy day—but, I still don’t remember a time when I would come into the Blue Frog and not be able to find a seat (except during the Writers’ Association Open Mic Night). As I write this blog, I will make it my main focus to ask myself multiple ‘why’ questions—and, also, attempt to answer as well as make suggestions towards ways to correct them.

Now that I have introduced myself and what I will be doing on this blog—I will have to say ‘cheers’ until next time… It’s raining and I haven’t been home to feed my hedgehog all day! Yes, I really do have a pet hedgehog. Tune in next time to learn more about Lily, my hedgehog, as well as the future of downtown Cortland. Cheers.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

O'Kelly Says...

Previously this semester—I had no idea if I would truly enjoy teaching (or even enjoy giving it a try!). As of now, as we all recognize, I am essentially convinced that I am, indeed, going to take a big leap into the MAT program. Because of my former uncertainties, I had decided to take some classes that would count for both the MA and the MAT program, hence: I am in an independent study class called Modern Irish Fiction. In this class, today, we analyzed a short story by Seamus O’Kelly called “The Weaver’s Grave.”

One general theme of this tale appears to consist of a cycle. The young replacing the old, birth replacing death, etcetera. While I was in this class, today—I kept thinking about technology. I think the idea that O’Kelly is making is that the new will replace the old eventually—and as he puts it, “there is no way to escape oblivion.” Does this mean that there is no way to escape the inevitable transition from an older methodology of teaching into a newer, more modernistic, style? I sure am convinced. Is it going to take (I feel slightly crude writing this) the “death” of the old style to finally shift into the new?

It’s seems, to me, to be harder to comment on this subject than it would be for my fellow classmates as I have never been in a classroom. I have so many ideas about what it would be like, what’s going to happen, how I will do things, how I will react, etc. But, the fact is that I truly have never been into a classroom, so I don’t really know. I’m excited to start learning, and I’m hoping that I will be able to institute all of these new technologies that will help the students actually learn.

I guess, according to Seamus O’Kelly at least, I have nothing to worry about when it comes to the fate of our pedagogical society, right? Modernity is unavoidable, and eventually everything will work itself out… correct? This still leaves the question of whether this is a smart idea or not. Personally, I think it is… although there is a lot more to this pressing debate. More to come... Cheers.

Bloglines Help

I am still having difficulties with my Bloglines account. Could someone (maybe Dave?) lend me a hand? I can’t seem to systematize my feeds and add all of the blogs that I wish to read. I’m sure that I’m misunderstanding one crucial element which is disabling my use of this site. When I signed up, all of these miscellaneous feeds appeared, but I didn’t happen to choose any of them (I’m sure this has to do with me clicking the interest boxes when I signed up). What’s the best way to set this bad boy up? Help!

And, how come it doesn’t show my most recent published posts of this blog in my feeds? The last post that shows up is one that was published way back on Oct. 10th. I think this website is awesome; I hope I can get it to work, soon.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Trials and Tribulations

Well, I presume I should begin this post by noting that things could be worse. I’ve been awfully busy with school, work, and car problems (does anyone know of a good place to get a new exhaust system from the cat. converter back?). I suppose such is life. With any bit of luck, in publishing this post, I will be allowed some feedback to help me deal with some of the problems that I am experiencing thus far…

First off, I would like to mention the iMovie project. Some of the problems that have been exposed: 1. I am, in fact, doing the majority of my filming on a digital camera (actually it’s the one that Dr. Reid mentions: here). I was taken back by how stunning all of the video looks! But, as I was told, the sound quality was nothing to write home about. I, then, decided to take Dr. Reid’s advice and hook up my external microphone to the digital camera—this would enhance my sound quality, right? One problem: when I hook the microphone up to the camera –the camera won’t record video. It’s incredibly peculiar. The screen, where one would normally preview the video, literally turns black (I wonder if it still records, and I just won’t be able to preview… I’ll have to check that out). This became very frustrating. I truly don’t think that the sound quality from the camera itself is bad at all; the only issue is that, again, like I’ve been told, it picks up every miniscule sound (even wind). Maybe I’ll just have to do all the filming and do a voice-over? 2. The second problem that I am experiencing has to do with transferring the data into iMovie. At first, the content uploaded right into the MAC (with a regular USB cable). But, when I saved all of the content onto my Flash Drive and proceeded to open it again—it was gone (luckily I had also saved the video on my PC). As of right now, here’s where I stand: I have to film two scenes over again—as they are less then mediocre—and then I have to edit it all together in iMovie. The editing part shouldn’t be hard, as I have done something similar before. I just hope it is easier to manage this time around.

Secondly, and most irritatingly, is the Downtown Cortland project. As everyone who has read any of my preceding posts would know that we are having one massive problem. We (Katie and I) can’t figure out a way to insert our blogs onto the main page of this website: Cortland Downtown Partnership. Evidently there is a way. Apparently some people know how to do this. Unfortunately those people are not Katie and I. Let me also note that I have been talking to Lloyd Purdy almost everyday—I’m sure he’s tired of hearing from me (not really—he’s a good man). This is where we stand as of right now. I recommended, to Lloyd, that we might just want to create two more accounts and put links to them on his main page. This way, the blogs would be up and running. But, as I was leaving class the other day—Dr. Reid mentioned that I should go over to Winchell Hall (the campus technology building) and ask them. Katie was nice enough to call them this morning and see if there was anything they could do to help us (any news with this Kate?). This is where we stand as of right now. Oh, and also, Sarah mentioned that her husband, Jed, might be able to help also. I had emailed him a couple of weeks back, and he said that he had a very hectic schedule but I could email him any questions. I think I might just do this… Thank you Sarah, and Jed, as this is a very kind gesture. I already have some posts written that I will publish onto the site as soon as it’s up and running. If anyone would like to read any of these earlier than this, just email me and I will send them to you. I have already sent them to Lloyd and he told me that he was very happy with them.

As for the wiki: I must confess that I have been a little less lively on this aspect of the class—while, I do plan on editing/writing as soon as I am finished with this post. Some classmates have left me some comments asking on what I write when I edit the wiki, and how I get into it. Let me answer that here. I have to admit that when I first started writing on the wiki I was only making small edits. After I had “corrected” or changed a group of different entries, I had built up enough confidence to work on my own pages. I have done most of my work on the iTunes U, and iTunes, etc. pages. But, now that I understand that I am able to write on anything… I might try to do some “fun” pages (the NJ Nets, Hunter S. Thompson, etc.). I think the wiki is awesome. And, I have even started to receive emails from other wikipedians from—some are pleasant, and others, well, a little less agreeable. But, this is the fun part of it. I think it’s a very handy tool, and I know that it can be used for more than just fun (as I have been using it). My recommendation, for those who are struggling with what to write on the wiki would be: to create a wiki page on something you are passionate about—you will be able to understand it better, and enjoy it more; making the rest of the entries easier to generate… I think. I know I didn’t, in truth, take pleasure in the class wiki until after I had edited some of the articles on

As I end this post it would be wrong for me to not mention Lily, my pet hedgehog. The good news is that we got her a bigger “home”. We also “pimped” her house—by adding a wheel, tube, and wooden mansion (for her to sleep in). You can’t tell me that she doesn’t have it good…Haha. Cheers.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


A little update for you folks: I have already written two blogs for the Downtown Cortland Project. Unfortunately though, we are having some problems putting the site together. I am assuming the biggest issue is the fact that we all have such busy schedules and therefore have not been able to sit down and wrestle this thing together. But, alas, I think that I’m just going to make a suggestion, to Lloyd and company that we just create two links on the main page of the Downtown Cortland site. Lloyd wanted the blogs to be located on the left and right side of this page. Instead, I would think that it would be the easiest and most affordable compromise to put a link on the left side for Katie’s blog and a link on the right side for my blog. There are a couple of reasons why this would work out…

First off, Katie had an issue of calling her blog: The Blue Frog Blog (and rightfully so; I know I wouldn’t want to call my blog that if I worked for another coffee shop). If we had links to two separate Blogger sites, she could name her blog one thing and I could name mine another. Therefore, the naming would not be an issue any longer.

Secondly, we have learned that the Downtown Cortland site’s host, FatCow, doesn’t have blogging capabilities. Therefore, it would be rather impossible for us to put the blog right up on the website (from what I understand). It is not impossible, however, for us to put a link on the main page that would transfer our readers to our respective blogs.

Also, using Blogger over typepad has some advantages. To start off, it’s free. Secondly Katie and I already have another Blog through this website, so we would be able to set it up, and be familiar with how to use it. I would even be able to incorporate pictures of downtown Cortland if I wanted!

Lastly, it would be perfect for us to use because it would be a real, live, and un-cut blog. We would both be able to write down our ideas and publish them immediately. I, myself, think that this would be the most effective presentation. Also, readers would be able to comment right on the website, rather than having to e-mail me (I know I already have a ton of junk mail).

So those are the reasons why I think I am going to suggest to Lloyd, and our professors, that this is what we do.

As for the content on the blog, I have some good news… I already wrote two posts and I have a ton of ideas still brewing! What I thought was going to be a hard process is easy! Going down to The Blue Frog really did help!

I believe the next step is to talk to Dr. Reid and Dr. Stearns in class and get the go ahead. Then I will contact Lloyd and hopefully within the next couple of days, our blogs will be up and running!

As for the wiki—I’m impressed! It’s really starting to come along. I just have one question: would it be inappropriate to create pages that are somewhat or even totally irrelevant to our class, for fun? That’s all for now. Cheers.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Some Clarity

This is just a short post to clear some things up. First off, Katie and I are going to need to set up a meeting with both Dr. Reid and Dr. Stearns ASAP. Lloyd would like to have our blog up and running by the middle of next week. I sent Dr. Reid an e-mail, and hopefully we’ll be able to decide on a meeting time, and place, by early next week. So, as for our project, all we have to do, as of right now, is figure out how to actually set up the blog, and then publish our first posts. I’m going to have mine finished by tomorrow, and then I will send them over to Lloyd so that he can look them over.

Dr. Stearns mentioned in a previous comment on my blog that she was concerned about Lloyd looking over our posts. I would agree with her in saying that this would not be a true blog if he is ‘correcting’ or ‘looking over’ our work. When he was talking about it, he mentioned that he was correcting only grammar, and other technical issues (such as street names, etcetera). These are thing that we could talk about in our meeting.

As for the event tonight, I plan on attending. There is one slight problem. I work during this time, and, hopefully, I will be able to get out early so that I can attend. I think the 40 below event is a great idea, and I really hope I will be able to be there. Unfortunately it was work the held me back from getting to the Open House last week; let’s just hope that doesn’t happen again.

One other, small, issue that I’ve noticed is that it is harder than I first imagined to find content for the Downtown Project. (Writing the words ‘Downtown Project’ reminds me that I want to update that wiki page). I started writing an introductory post, talking about myself and my relationship to Cortland— that’s going pretty well. But, after that, I’m hoping that going to the events will help ‘inspire’ me with some new content to write about.

That’s about everything that I wanted to clear up. Oh, yeah…don’t worry about Lily Dr. Stearns; I assure you that she is happier than she would be anywhere else. We give her a lot of love, and meal worms! I understand your concern about bringing a wild animal into a domesticated setting. But, it might be good for you to know that Lily isn’t a true hedgehog per say. She is actually a domesticated hedgehog, a “…hybrid of the white bellied or four-toed hedgehog and the Algerian Hedgehog” ( And, now that I understand the true purpose of a wiki, rather than me writing all about the domesticated hedgehog, I figured I could just let you look at the wiki page: here. After you are done reading this over, I’m sure that you will be able to see that Lily is going to be just fine with us! She won’t get more love and attention anywhere else!

OK, that’s it for now folks. Cheers.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Whole Nine Yards

So, I had a very busy week trying to catch up in the readings, for all of my classes. The first thing that I would like to note is that I went to the book fair (in Ithaca—the one that Dr. Stearns posted about). I trotted through the isles of this warehouse and thumbed through any book that I though was interesting. I ended up purchasing ten books. Buying ten books is fine, the only problem is that I thought that all of the paperback books were 75 cents—but, in reality, they were four dollars. I guess that each day the prices of the books will decrease. I was there on the first day (my bad). Oh, well. At least I was able to get some books that I lost in the fire! Besides, forty bucks for ten books is nothing. So, that was a good experience.

The subsequent issue that I choose to note upon is the course wiki. I used to feel as if my wiki ability was Lilliputian when compared to everyone else (although there is no way for me to compare how much work everyone is doing, right?). Now, while I still don’t have a ton of wiki pages that I have developed, I feel that it’s becoming more akin to something that I am willing to do. Don’t tell anyone—but I find myself editing and linking wiki pages a lot nowadays—not even just for our course website! I still have one concern. Am I doing this right? We have hardly been working on the wiki in class—so; I don’t know where I stand. Are my edits pointless? Is what I am writing sufficient? I don’t have any edits (besides Dave’s categories) on my pages. I doubt I’m perfect, so how come I don’t have any edits? Is it just because people aren’t looking at the wiki? If anyone has any feedback, I’d appreciate it.

One last thing—which is completely off-topic—I am super excited about another purchase I made this weekend. A hedgehog! Yes, I bought my very own hedgehog for a pet. She’s awesome! Her name is Lily and, because she’s nocturnal, she sleeps for most of the day—but starting from approx. 7pm, she runs, and runs, and runs—and loves to be handled…

Oh, well, I guess I’ll save the hedgehog stories for a more appropriate setting. Cheers.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Moment You Have All Been Waiting For

I know the suspense has been killing everyone. OK, so, Katie and I had our meeting with Lloyd Purdy yesterday. It went exactly as I anticipated. When I first got there, Lloyd showed me around the new and improved Beard Building. It is remarkable! On the first floor, there is even a wall of art from contributors all around Cortland County.

If anyone is interested in this, the official open house for the Beard Building is today, from 12-6(ish). Lloyd seemed very excited. I suggest that if you have the time, you should stop in and check it out. And, on a side note, there will be free beer and wine to everyone “of age” at the later hours of this open house. I know I’ll be there…

Back on topic: So, after Katie arrived, and we started our meeting, things went pretty efficiently. We generally discussed the logistics of this venture. After we learned about some of the improvements and events that were happening in Downtown Cortland, Lloyd left us with quite a few “homework assignments” that are to be completed within the next week and a half. These are:

  1. We need to contact Alex for a couple of questions. They are: There is wireless internet at the Beard Building that is accessible only to SUNY Cortland faculty, staff, and students. How can Katie and I connect to this with our laptops? Lloyd wants us to be able to, if we wanted to, connect to this wireless network and upload our recent posts to the blog from the Beard Building. Second, we are going to set the blog directly on The host is How will we be able to incorporate our blog onto the main page, or even off of it as a button, using the host site? Lloyd (along with Katie and I) felt that this project was about more than just writing a blog, so he left us in charge of resolving these technical issues.
  2. The next issue that we need to tend to by the next time we meet with Lloyd is: We have to contact Craig Little. Dr. Little is a professor at SUNY Cortland who is in charge of incorporating the college with Downtown Cortland (the non-profit organization that Lloyd is in charge of). So, we all felt that he would be a good contact to have if any questions arose, etcetera.
  3. Also, we have to actually start writing! Because of breaks and all of our busy schedules, Lloyd felt that it would be a good idea to always be a couple of articles ahead. So, in keeping this in mind, we will write two articles and send them to him by the time restraints mentioned above.

Everything was agreeable during the meeting. Although there is one issue that we still have to resolve. Mr. Purdy mentioned that we had the opportunity to have our blog be named The Blue Frog Blog. In doing this, we would have a quasi sponsorship. This would be cool, but there is one problem. Katie happens to work for Coffee Mania and we all realize how awkward it would be for her manager to find her on the internet with the competitions name above her blog. So, we haven’t decided if we are going to go through with that yet; we’re waiting a pending answer from Katie’s manager.

Another factor that came as a little bit of a surprise is that Lloyd would prefer to look at each of our posts before they are uploaded. I say this is a surprise only because he mentioned that we could write whatever we wanted—raw, uncut material. So, when he said this I was slightly confused. But, after he explained that he just wanted to be another pair of eyes for grammatical reasons, I was OK with it.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. This is a good one for you, Dr. Stearns. Katie and I had to fill out official Main Street Promotion Committee forms. This way, at the end of this project, Lloyd will have something to show his sponsors (in order to see if we were successful or not), and we will have something to show you all the work that we have done. I must admit though, I’m not quite sure how to fill out this fairly confusing form yet…

So, I’m going to follow this post with an E-Mail to Dr. Stearns and Dr. Reid so we can get some of these issues resolved as I start to write the first Downtown Cortland Blog post! Lloyd had pointed out that “in an ideal world” we would have had this blog up by now. But, he knows that he is an extremely busy chap (as we are all also) and hopes to have it up within the next two weeks. So, because of this, I wish to have my responsibilities ready to go so that after I travel to the Blue Frog and write—all that is left is for me to send an E-Mail and wait.

I am still excited about this project and I hope that my posting skills are up to par (considering Lloyd has a journalism degree). I have a lot of great ideas that are just churning in my head; I can’t wait until I get some free time so I can get them written down.

That’s all for now, folks.



Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My So-Called Career, Or Not...

Ever since I was in high school I can remember dreaming of being a teacher. I think it was Mrs. Gaetano who first set an impression upon me. But, it was Mrs. Leopold, my 12th grade English teacher, who really made me want to pursue teaching. I saw how happy she was with her life—and how much she truly loved to teach. How could I not want my life to be like that? I loved all of the subject matter; mainly because I loved to read. So, when I started looking at colleges, I solidified Adolescence Education English as my future plan. Ah, then came my first year at SUNY Cortland. Well, I guess it would be ingenuous to just confess that I had other, more important, plans when I came to Cortland my freshman year. But, when I started to get my act together, I began to think about the career I was choosing.

The second semester of my sophomore year I was told, by one of my preferred professors, that I would not be able to lecture on some of my favorite works of literature in high school classrooms. She then proceeded to taint all of the wonderful plans I had for my future. I was told how wretched adolescent children could be—and, gulp, how they don’t care about learning or the books I was going to love teaching them.

They wouldn’t care about Gulliver’s Travels…but, I love Gulliver’s Travels…

So, I figured that if they weren’t going to want to learn all of my favorite plays, novels, etcetera, that I wasn’t going to teach them—whatever—College professor it is (plus, how cool would it be to have my PhD).

But then, in my final year as an undergrad I spoke with the head of Graduate Studies, and she told me that I was looking at it all wrong. She, a college professor herself, who didn’t necessarily care for teaching at the high school level, explained to me that the beauty of teaching was to formulate a method to make the students interested…


So, then, that’s how I ended up in this class. She recommended that I capture a couple courses in the M.A.T. program which would allow me to understand (maybe) what it would be like (to teach at the high school level). I was skeptical as to what I would really learn from all of this…

Queue Shade Gomez…

Mr. Gomez really altered my perception on teaching high school. It wasn’t really his presentation that changed the way I was thinking…it was the videos he showed of the students themselves. I saw that he was able to allow his students to enjoy what they were learning…it was awesome.

All semester I have been really considering switching over to the M.A.T. program and fulfilling the dream that I had when I was in high school. I think this could actually happen. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what the rest of the semester has to offer me. But, as of right now, I am truly intriuged about how great this could be…

Things Are Starting To Come Together

Ah, so now it’s time to chat about my project. Well, I won’t sit here and bore any of you with a proposal as to what I will be doing, because everyone was able to listen to Lloyd Purdy when he stopped by our classroom a couple weeks back. I am still very excited to be joining forces with Lloyd on the Downtown Cortland project. Everything seems to be unproblematic, thus far. Lloyd, Katie, and I have a meeting on October 4th at roughly 2pm. At some point in this meeting, if all goes as intended, we ought to be discussing the logistics of this project. And, after it’s over—we’ll be able to institute our first blog.

Our blog will, and I’m only speculating, probably start with content in regards to the open house ceremony that will take place on October 5th. Lloyd seems to have a lot to do in preparation for this ceremony—and I’m sure that he’ll want us to explain all about the Downtown Cortland project, and the open house.

As of right now I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but I’m excited nonetheless. I’ve enjoyed blogging for a little over a month now. So, I think it will be great to incorporate this into my final project. I’ll know more about what we are exactly going to do tomorrow, and I will post to let everyone know.